Sunscreen? Yes please!

That healthy summer glow is gorgeous and makes you feel and look so good doesn’t it? But while some Vitamin D is good, unprotected sun is… well… anything but good! Be faithful with using your sunscreen now that the summer months are here… or any time of year for that matter. Whenever your outdoors (even if you’re driving in a car or flying on a plane) the sun’s rays can and do get through windows), get your sunscreen on! Here’s our top 5 reasons to slather on this protective goodness. There’s many more but these are the biggies! And remember to use at least 30 or even better 45 SPF.

  1. Helps prevent skin cancer. That spot on your face, arm or leg may look like nothing until you learn that it IS something…bad. Skin cancer can creep up and spread fast. Need I say more?
  2. Slows down the aging process. Who doesn’t want this? Sun damage happens over time. What you are doing today will impact you 10, 20 + years down the road. Sure that tan looks great now, but it’s not worth the price you may pay later with lost elasticity, wrinkles and overall dehydrated and leathery skin.
  3. Prevents sunburns. UV rays are incredibly damaging to the skin. I know, you think a little sunburn won’t hurt and after all, it looks great when it turns into a tan. But it does hurt your skin. Sunburns are painful and can lead to all sorts of skin problems later in life. Refer to #1.
  4. Hydrates your skin. Some sunscreens double as moisturizers and contain hydrating ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil. But not all sunscreens are created equal! Check the ingredients before you buy. You don’t want anything containing alcohol, which does just the opposite and can dehydrate your skin.
  5. Keeps an evens skin tone. Sunscreen can help stop sunspots or dark spots from occurring, among other types of skin damage. And as we said above, it helps prevent skin cancer and slows down the aging process (wrinkles caused by lost elasticity).

So use sunscreen regularly… your skin 20 years from now will thank you!